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Polly Pitchford on stage

You’ve never seen a show like this!

Never has the pursuit of health been this much fun!

Polly’s perspective on health and wellness will turn everything you thought you knew upside down as she teaches you the easiest ways to discover your healthiest self. You will never beat yourself up again. You’ll throw away your scale. And you’ll actually have fun as you change your perspective and change your life.

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Polly's Particularly Popular

…with ALL groups - but constantly in demand as:

  • A funny motivational speaker on health and wellness,

  • The opening or closing conference keynote speaker for women’s events,

  • A fitness and lifestyle speaker for corporate audiences and

  • The PERFECT motivational speaker for administrative professionals' events.

A crowd standing to applaud Polly
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Polly leaf logo
“Great reviews!  They LOVED you.  I was especially pleased about how easy you are to work with and your fun personality, fun, fun, fun! Thank you."

- Sean Snyder

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“Finally!  Something I can actually DO to be healthier and have more energy at work!”

- Program Participant

Polly leaf logo
“I laughed so hard I peed in my pants!”

- Program Participant

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