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Self-Care Snacks; An Easier Way Towards Healthier

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard.  Most of us know what we should do to be healthier but we don’t do it because it seems too big of a change from what we’re used to.  That’s where trusting that small changes, done consistently, will get you there; “there” being a little healthier place than where you are right now.  Isn’t that what we want?


I’ve decided to call these modest actions “Self-Care Snacks”. So for example, not a full hour of exercise, just 5 minutes of movement every hour; not a 30 minute meditation, just a few deep breaths with eyes closed to check in with how you’re doing in that moment, and not planning-shopping-prepping for a whole week of healthy meals, just cutting up cukes and carrots to dip into your hummus instead of chips (speaking of snacks).


So doable, and such positives shifts can happen with our health when we fold these self-care snacks into our day.  Here’s a list of snacks to consider that can start as soon as you awaken, all the way through your day up until shut eye:

·      Drink ½ cup water upon awakening

·      Smile

·      Say “good morning beautiful” to yourself in the mirror

·      Meditate/Pray

·      Stretch

·      Soothing or energizing music

·      Dry brush before showering

·      Time management – lessen the stress of running a little late

·      Gratitudes out loud as your driving to work

·      Move your body for 5 – 10 minutes every hour on the hour

·      Go outside in nature

·      Realign your posture

·      Help someone with something they need help with

·      Smile

·      Smile at others

·      Push the “reset” button with deep cleansing breaths while thinking of something that makes you smile

·      Speak the truth

·      Eat clean, unprocessed foods

·      Make plans that you’ll look forward to. I call them Fun Tickets

Buy fresh flowers of a new plant for your indoor space

·      Drink water

·      Walk, jog, bike, swim, weights, stretch, tai chi, dance

·      Watch a sunset

·      Less evening news, more inspirational/educational reading

·      Less alcohol and sugar

·      Go to bed same time and wake same time for quality sleep

·      List your gratitudes about the day

Pick one that you’re not doing now and start snacking! 


Keep spiraling up, my friends. Future you will love you for it!

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