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Awaken with a Sip and a Smile

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Morning alarm: Meditate. Stretch. Inspirational reading. Walk. Dry brush. Shower. Chia pudding breakfast. Chiffonade kale for lunch salad. Dishes done. Whistle. Leave on time. Mindful driving.

OR, Ease-Up-On-The-Seriousness-Of-This-Sparky, walk it back a few steps and start your day in this beautifully simple way:

Smile. I love doing this. Seriously, as soon as you snuff out that alarm just lay back and lift those lips of yours into a smile shape. These "smile muscles" send a message to the brain that all is safe and oh so fine in your world. It really magically shifts my mood into a positive one, no matter how my night's sleep was or what stressors await later. Even if your grumpy thoughts are trying to barge in for the win, this physiological change in your facial muscles tells the brain to release the feel good hormones and I promise, you instantly feel warm and happy and much better about your life!

Sip. Quench the thirst you don't realize that you have and sit up and drink that cup of spring water that's sitting on your bedside table (another habit involved here in bringing one to our bedside the night before, endless, isn't it?). We dehydrate overnight with all of that open mouth breathing and hot-flashes so that come morning, every cell in our body is in need of water! Can't choke down 8 ounces? Even a sip will do to get you in the rhythm of this new healthy habit.

That's it. Two easy morning rituals that will help you set a positive tone for your day and will hydrate those hard working thirsty cells. After they are established, feel free to tackle any (not all) of those other morning routines of self-care mentioned above.

Keep spiraling upwards ladies!

Watch Polly wake up.

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