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At Least Make the First 2 Bites Mindful

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Have you tried the mindful raisin eating experience? Oh my goodness it's eye opening and tedious at the same time. Let's just say you start with rolling the thing between your fingers and end, what seems like 10 minutes later, with the flavor fading from your tastebuds. For 1 silly raisin! Still, it's interesting to be so excruciatingly mindful the entire time and I'm sure I've never absorbed as many nutrients in a single dried grape before but I can't help but wonder what would happen to socializing at the table (we're supposed to do that like the Blue Zone people, right?) if we focused so hard on every bite of a meal.

This is where my Ease-Up-On-The-Serious(ness-Of-This), -Sparky comes in again. Yes, it's important to slow down and notice the food so that we digest it properly and enjoy it thoroughly but come on, it ain't gonna' happen for each bite on the plate. We just don't have the attention span or the time. But I really do think it's important to create a little habit of slowing down with a mindfulness routine before we eat so here's what I suggest;

  1. Notice the flurry of you sitting down to eat, whether you're the one who made it or the one who's been called to the table and interrupted from what you were doing.

  2. Let the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile (serotonin release) and take 3 deep breaths to de-flurry yourself. You can do a little prayer of thanks here if you want to.

  3. If someone else is eating with you, make eye contact with that upturned mouth still on your face. Just that.

  4. Now, notice 3 things about the food:

How it looks

How it smells, if at all

How the first 2 bites taste

That's it. This goes for snacking on raisins (keep it to 1 handful because of the concentrated natural sugars) to a gourmet meal. Slow yourself down, smile, breathe and really notice those first 2 bites. This simple routine can easily become a habit that halts our stress and enhances digest. Hey, that could be our mantra: Halt the stress and enhance digest!

Continue that spiral upward friend!

Do the Mindful Raisin Experience here

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