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Polly Pitchford smiling coral colored blazer and white button up shirt

Laugh Your Way To A Healthier You!

If we are not in good physical, mental, and emotional shape, then it’s almost impossible for us to effectively handle all the responsibilities, stresses, long hours, and cranky people that we have to deal with at home and in the workplace.  


Polly believes that getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Her refreshing perspective on health will have you and your colleagues discovering easier ways to stay on the path towards a healthier you.

Polly delivers research-based information on food and nutrition, moving more throughout the day, and managing our ever-present stress in a humorous, story-based, and relatable way, giving her audience the tools and incentive to:

  • Sort through the confusion of crazed and conflicting health headlines

  • Practice doable, results-oriented behaviors right away

  • Cultivate a more positive outlook on work and life

You will never beat yourself up again. And you'll actually have fun as you change your perspective and change your life!

Watch Polly in Action!*

*Pre-Covid Hair Color

Polly Pitchford

Lifestyle Motivational Speaker

Fun, high energy, and very entertaining, Polly has fabulous content and great ideas.  Her 40 years of experience and expertise include:


  • TV cooking show host

  • Author of 3 cookbooks

  • Certified Lifestyle Consultant

  • Senior Wellness Analyst/Workplace Wellness Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Polly Pitchford smiling in front of vegetable stand wearing a jean jacket and coral colored top

What I Specialize In

Dialing Down
the Stress

Delicious Food Knowledge

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

How to

Move More

Getting Unstuck & Moving Toward Your Goals

Fruit, vegetables, and spices in bowls

The Journey Towards Health Begins with One Bite, One Step,  One Deep Breath.

I LOVE these ideas and will use them immediately!”

—Sarah Conway

Polly is a jewel. She makes
incorporating movement in your life so darn doable!”

—Margaret Jarvis

Thank you for booking Polly! She's awesome, inspiring and such a hoot!”

—Diane Hester

Happy Clients Include

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